Lowrider Magazine Super Show - Houston, TX (JULY 15)

Street Image was pleased to attend the annual Lowrider Magazine Super Show held at the Reliant Arena.  Most of the Seguin chapter were able to attend after the short 163 mile drive.  Mike, Jeremy and Bam Bam entered their rides for show, while the other members continued to improve their rides for the upcoming San Antonio Super Show.

We also got a chance to meet with some of the Houston chapter members, who also showed us a good time around H-town, including the infamous cruise down Richmond Street.  Check out some pictures of Street Image at the show:

Bam Bam's Tracker floating on clouds.

Jeremy's tracker sittin' on a tight beach display.

Mike's Stratus got to fly the banner, even though he had a big dent on the driver's side.  Just kidding!  =P