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Member Name Ryan Martinez
Vehicle '89 S-10 Blazer
Engine 4.3L V6
Setup 2-pump Hi-Low Eliminator, 4 delta dumps, 8-inch (front) and 12-inch (rear), 4-ton springs (front) and 1¾-ton springs (rear), five 12 volt Interstate batteries, 12 switches
Rims 13x7 Player wire wheels
Tires P165/80-R13 Douglas

More Information
I received the blazer back in '98 as a graduation present from my parents.  For awhile it only had rims and a stereo system (six 12" pioneer speakers if I remember correctly) which soon were removed to make way for the hydraulic setup.

The blazer currently has a Hi-Low 2-pump hydraulic setup purchased from their dealership in California, installed along with five 12 volt Interstate deep-cycle batteries. 

Sitting up front are a pair of 4-ton HiJacker springs.  The lower a-arms are plated, as well as the front framerails to give better support to the frame, as well as an anchor for the chains which help keep the ball joints in place and limit suspension travel.  The upper a-arms were replaced with a pair of   ¾" extended Cadillac a-arms.

The rear frame was plated and a bridge was installed.  The rear axle has a "tension" reinforcement, along with a pair of 12" cylinders sitting on top of 1¾-ton springs.

The blazer's street setup will hit approximately 26-28 inches both front and rear, and will do a 20-22 inch bunny hop.  I've only been able to see-saw it a few times, but the blazer doesn't seem to like it very much.  When I enter it for car shows, we jump the batteries up, and it usually hits between 35-38 inches.

Even though the car is still holding together, it is now time for an upgrade.  Currently the blazer is parked waiting a full frame swap, a new paint job and the new hydraulic setup.  The new frame will be fully boxed, along with a four-link suspension to a special rear axle.  It will also have four Hi-Low pumps and 10 batteries.  I might also put a roll-cage in, but that will probably be more for looks than strength.  It would also be nice to swap the engine out for a 4-cylinder and a standard transmission to lose some weight, but they'll have to do for now.

I'd like to say thanks to my wife, Veronica, for her help and support throughout the project, and also to Chris, Mark and my cousin Albert who've helped work on the blazer throughout the years.

Thanks for reading this and good luck with your own ride.   If you live in the surrounding area and need work done to your ride, from installing lowering kits, reinforcing or extending various parts of your ride, or installing street or show setups, please feel free to e-mail me for work arrangement or suggestions.

—Ryan Martinez

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