Standards & Procedures

1.  In order to become a member of Street Image, candidate must attend 3 meetings and 2 outings.

2.  All members are recommended to have a Street Image logo or plaque on their car.  Member must have obtained this by their 5th or 6th meeting.

3.  Only members may participate in club meetings, therefore members are not allowed to bring more than one person to a meeting, unless they are family members or spouses.  Guests who are brought to meetings must step aside until meeting has ended.

4.  We ask that members wear club T-shirts to any major function that we enter or attend.

5.  Alcohol and drugs are not permitted during the meeting or any cruises as a group.  Street Image does not want to be associated with these activities, so keep them on your home personal time.

6.  All suggestions are listened to and taken into consideration with respect and an open mind.

7.  Dedication is asked of all members during club meetings and functions.

8.  If a member is terminated or chooses to leave the club, any Street Image logo or plaque must be removed upon leaving.

9.  We ask that all members contribute the amount of 2 dollars on meeting days.  All funds go directly to the club account.   (Members are still required to contribute even during missed meetings.)

10.  If a member is unable to attend a meeting, function or outing, it is recommended that the member inform one of the officials that they will not be able to attend.



1.  Never damage or take anything from another member or member's vehicle.

2.  Please keep a respectable manner when in public places and towards other car clubs.

3.  Please control your children on outings and during meetings.

4.  Always find something positive to say about someone else's vehicle and their ideas, even if they contradict with your own personal views.

5.  Absolutely no fighting or arguing is tolerated.   Staying calm and talking things through is the best way to resolve any problem.